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Hi! I’m Bisho

Greetings!!! I’m Bisho Karki, a passionate freelancer specializing in website and e-commerce store design/development, as well as content marketing since 2019.

Based in Copenhagen, I’ve dedicated my career to creating digital experiences that not only look stunning but also drive results.

This blog is my canvas to express myself, test and share my strategies while exploring the wonders of design and content.

Bisho Karki - Web and Search Engine Marketer

My Digital Adventure: By Stats

Websites and E-commerce Stores projects completed
Created and planned content, driving organic traffic
Reviews across all freelancing platforms

My Story

Since you look interested in me, I’ve got a story to share – a journey from college dropout to certified digital marketing whiz.

After bidding farewell to my BSc. in Meteorology, I ventured into the job market. First stop? A marketing assistant gig at a water filter company, followed by a spell as a sales rep in a lively call center. Those experiences laid the groundwork for what was to come.

How this Digital Bug bite me?

In 2018, I dipped my toes into the digital world by creating a Facebook page for a friend’s water treatment business. Little did I know, it would spark a fascination that would change my trajectory.

Facebook marketing became my playground, and I delved into the nitty-gritty through self-learning, Coursera courses, and YouTube binges.

But, surprise! There’s more to digital marketing than cat videos and witty captions. Enter WordPress. In just a month, I cracked the code, building my first-ever website.

The hunger for more propelled me into the realm of internet marketing, and I decided it was time to level up.

Bisho Karki - Web designer/Content marketer

Embracing the Digital Hustle

In 2019, I took the plunge, enrolling in a Digital Marketing training program. Three months later, I emerged as a certified digital marketing maestro. The focus? Websites, blogs, SEO, and content marketing.

Post-training, I unleashed my skills into the wild, freelancing both locally and online. Fast forward to today, and I’ve collaborated with over 40 businesses, weaving magic into their websites and e-commerce stores. I’ve been the behind-the-scenes architect of content strategies, generating organic traffic like a digital wizard. Oh, and did I mention the 150+ articles and blog posts I’ve penned in the digital marketing realm?

As we chat here, I’ve earned my stripes on Fiverr as one of the top-rated freelancers, adding a sprinkle of wit and a dash of charm to every project.

So, why am I here? To bring your digital dreams to life, of course! Whether it’s optimizing your website or crafting content that turns heads, I’m your go-to digital magician.

Let’s make some digital waves together! 🚀

What my clients say

Bisho is brilliant. I can not recommend him highly enough. He does great work and has great communication. I have been very particular throughout the process of building my ecommerce store, which at times has delayed the project. Bisho is very patient. Bisho stepped up to meet my challenges with ease. I look forward to working with him in the near future.

Phil V.

It was a great experience! Bisho went above and beyond what was required. I'd definitely recommend to anyone looking for a solid ecommerce developer who brings a lot of other marketing. skills to the table.

Herald. M

Bisho showed great communication and gave me the confidence that what I need would be done and yes, he over-deliver in the end. I'm super excited about our new website up and would definitely work with him again.

D. Jackson

Great work! Thank you so much for working with me to set up my print on demand store and payment gateway. Thanks for taking the extra step to help me integrate the products.

K. Ramalho

Bisho is so great. This is the second time around that I work with him, and I am just as happy as the first. He is easy to communicate with, he understands the vision and is able to create great websites based around what you need. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in designing a website!

Joseph grullon